Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A glowing testimony to the area turns 50

GuelphMercury - A glowing testimony to the area turns 50

KITCHENER — For 50 years, it has been a beacon to weary travellers journeying home from Toronto on Highway 401.

The original version of the huge neon Schneiders sign beside Highway 401 at Highway 6 was lit up on March 20, 1961.

It was built 16.7 metres above the road, on a steel structure standing more than 17 metres high and more than 24 meters long, It did not yet have the “Dutch Girl” picture who now smiles at travellers heading toward Kitchener.

The first sign just had the name of the Kitchener meat factory, “Schneiders” in huge red neon letters, and beneath it, “Famous For Quality Meats.” Below that, a comforting note: “Kitchener 12 miles,” with an arrow pointing homeward.

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