Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Biggest-ever VIVID Sydney will wash city in colour

Spice News: Special Events, Product Launches, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibition - Biggest-ever VIVID Sydney will wash city in colour

From giant light sculptures of floating jellyfish and erupting fire
installations in Sydney Harbour, to exclusive international music
performances and the stunning 3D illumination of the Sydney Opera House sails, Vivid Sydney will once again light up our city each night from 27 May – 13 June.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Of The (Neon) Lights


N.C. firm gives historic JFG sign illuminating overhaul

SignArt employee George 'G.A.' Albansoder punches holes in white paper to make a pattern that will be used to redraw and repaint letters on the JFG sign. The hole punches will help make a template so that employees can recreate the words 'Special Coffee' and 'The Best Part of the Meal.'
          Pieces of the letters that make up the 'JFG' initials on Knoxville’s historic JFG sign are stacked at SignArt in Charlotte, N.C. The sign fabricator is refurbishing the sign before it returns to Knoxville.
CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The faded, rusty JFG sign that stood in South Knoxville's skyline for more than five decades is getting a functional and cosmetic overhaul at a Charlotte, N.C., sign company.

Light my fire: Neon Works keeps colorful tradition alive along with contemporary signage


EAST ALTON — There’s nothing like your name or your company logo on a neon sign. It’s the ultimate way to provide color, illumination and attract attention.

Although Chris Staar, president of Neon Works Inc. in East Alton, said custom neon is a dying art in some ways, it set the pace — and the bar — for contemporary signage, such as media and digital display systems, signs combining neon and vinyl, pylon signs and fluorescent backlit signs, which the company also produces. And it’s still a great way to advertise and see your name in lights.

A glowing testimony to the area turns 50

GuelphMercury - A glowing testimony to the area turns 50

KITCHENER — For 50 years, it has been a beacon to weary travellers journeying home from Toronto on Highway 401.

The original version of the huge neon Schneiders sign beside Highway 401 at Highway 6 was lit up on March 20, 1961.

It was built 16.7 metres above the road, on a steel structure standing more than 17 metres high and more than 24 meters long, It did not yet have the “Dutch Girl” picture who now smiles at travellers heading toward Kitchener.

The first sign just had the name of the Kitchener meat factory, “Schneiders” in huge red neon letters, and beneath it, “Famous For Quality Meats.” Below that, a comforting note: “Kitchener 12 miles,” with an arrow pointing homeward.

Friday, March 11, 2011

installing nauman

Installing Nauman « Unframed The LACMA Blog

During the past few weeks the second floor of BCAM has been undergoing the installation of the exhibition Human Nature: Contemporary Art from the Collection, opening this Sunday (and on view now for members).

The exhibition takes its name from Bruce Nauman’s neon art piece Human Nature/Life Death/Know Doesn’t Know, which is included in the show. A major effort on the part of our conservators, art installers and electrician has made it possible to put this large neon puzzle back on view after a hiatus of about ten years. Here’s how they did it:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mesa's diving lady sign restoration underway

Mesa's diving lady sign restoration underway
Mesa's crumpled diving lady neon sign turned into a unique challenge for master neon sign makers, testing their skills as craftsmen while conjuring up memories of the late legendary neon artist Paul Millet.

"I've done seven restorations, and this is the most intricate one I've done," said Scott Houston, an associate of Millet protégé Larry Graham, who was hired by the Mesa Preservation Foundation to restore the iconic 50-year-old sign.

A renovated piece of Mesa's Diving Lady sign will be displayed at Mesa's Fiesta Mall to raise more money for the project.

contemporary art exhibitions

2011 armory show epic roundup

Friday, March 04, 2011

Neon is the Sign of the Times

Armory Show 2011: Neon is the Sign of the Times - Speakeasy - WSJ

They pulsate, blink and buzz, simultaneously reflecting and absorbing surrounding color. Through the rows upon rows of paintings, neon installations in the form of signs, sculptures and even fences upended visitor’s expectations at the Armory Show.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cason Point: Seems like eons since we saw this neon

For more than 50 years, nobody needed to ask if they were in Oxnard — yet. The iconic sign out front of the Wagon Wheel Restaurant and Motel enlightened them.

And what a sight it was. The scene in brilliant neon showed a cowboy at the reins of an overloaded buckboard driving his team to exhaustion, his whip cracking the night sky.

Courtesy photo/Jeff Maulhardt The neon sign, like the Wagon Wheel Motel in Oxnard, lost its luster as the years passed, as this shot taken around 2000 shows. The motel closed in 2006.

Dowdle Sporting Goods' Great Neon Sign


Neon makes a comeback in Las Vegas, once the capital of the tubular lights

Bring on the neon: Bus tour hits city's brightest spots

Some say neon signs are expensive, hard-to-maintain relics of the past. It's far smarter to use modern high-tech LED, electronic video signs and cheaper alternatives.

Just don't say that to Salomon (Sal) Avila.

Over the past 15 years, the Bakersfield businessman has invested thousands of dollars in neon signs to draw attention to his two Mauricio's Restaurants -- on Rosedale Highway and White Lane.

"I'm a big fan of neon," Avila said, acknowledging that he could have purchased cheaper illuminated signs for his restaurants. "But neon is a piece of Americana. It's bright. It's beautiful. It's great to show off your logo. It says something special about your business."

Interiors light, made from neon tubing, is the illuminated version of Byrom’s Interiors “type furniture.”

Grosse Pointe Woods gives neon signs the green light

Sanyo pulls plug on iconic neon sign

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The Quadror is an ingenious structural support system for buildings,
furniture, bridges and anything that needs holding up. 4 identical and
interlocking L-shaped pieces are collapsible for transport but create a
strong trestle shape when assembled. They can also be used as sound
barriers. It's simple yet very effective.
More at
QuaDror / Home