Saturday, June 22, 2013

California-based artist Darren Pearson, also known as Darius Twin, creates light sculptures in the air using LED lights and long exposure photography.

His light art includes skeletal figures of people, angels, dinosaurs and other animals. Each of Pearson’s light sculptures take two to five minutes to create.
According to his site, he works as a full-time illustrator by day while he scouts California for the perfect setting to create his complex light effect photographs or light paintings.


150 Boise Icons: Beautiful neon

What's your favorite piece of Boise neon?
The sign at the Torch Lounge casts a fiery glow onto Main Street. The nose-to-nose dragons at the Twin Dragon nearby have lured diners since the early 1960s. The Chinese characters spell the name of the restaurant in light.

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0427 local icon neon

The neon signs shining a light on cold-war Poland

The grey buildings of cold-war Poland were adorned with incongruously bright neon signs. The designs illuminate a moment lost in time


In pictures: Poland's neon signs

Polish cold war neon - zoo, Wroclaw

Meet A Modern-Day Master Of The Classic Neon Sign

Todd Sanders uses time-tested methods (and no computers) to hand-build his custom neon art.

Tracey Emin Is Bringing Her Tragic Neon Love Messages to MOCA North Miami During This Year's Art Basel

We love Tracey Emin. We were excited to hear about her stint in Times Square and now we're even more hyped to hear that she will be landing her first show at an American museum. Coming in December, the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami will be presenting “Tracey Emin: Angel Without You." Many of her signature neon signs will be on display, showing her growth throughout her career. The show will also be kicking off the next installment of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Tracey Emin Is Bringing Her Tragic Neon Love Messages to MOCA North Miami During This Year's Art Basel

The lit-up and magnetized world of words

“You end up making a lot of words in the world of neon,” Krypton Neon Studio co-founder and artist Kenny Greenberg said as he sifted through a pile of discarded words in his Long Island City shop. Twisted white tubes that turn a spectrum of bright colors when plugged in lay on the concrete ground — “smile,” “come,” “the,” “a” and “extraordinary.”

The lit-up and magnetized world of words 1

Richard Hooker discusses art, the Neon Museum and his new gallery in Downtown Las Vegas

For more than a decade, Richard Hooker has been the man behind culture in Las Vegas, working with the Neon Museum and the Vegas Valley Book Festival and as a liaison between the city and the Arts District. Prior to that, he worked for the Nevada Arts Council.


New Zealand exhibition in Venice lights up the town

 Bill Culbert, Front Door Out Back
New Zealand Pavilion
Santa Maria della Pieta
Until November 24

Bill Culbert, Bebop (Photo: Jennifer French)

Vintage neon is art at Vegas museum

Tourists walk through a display of old hotel and casino signs at sunset at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.


Eliza Wiley Independent Record - Willem Volkersz’ installation ‘Short Stories,’ which includes suitcases painted and adorned with figurines and neon, was inspired by early road trips taken by Volkersz in his 1939 Plymouth exploring the West. Volkersz will give a gallery talk today at 5 p.m. at Turman Larison Contemporary gallery, with a reception at 6 p.m.

Willem Volkersz

A white neon bunny outline sporting a bowtie

Playboy Marfa at night

From Futura Standard to Helvetica Neue, designer Aleksi Hautamaki refits vintage neon letters Hautamaki - Photography