Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neon art exhibition in Rome

Neon Art Exhibition Rome
Once only used for signage, neon has in recent years
become an important artistic medium that is being honored with a tribute
featuring the works of over 50 international artists who have created
“luminous matter” in contemporary art from this simple artificial light source.

Neon <b>art</b> <b>exhibition</b> in Rome

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Beloved neon sign in Mesa ready for installation

PHOENIX (AP) - Efforts to restore a beloved animated, neon sign in Mesa are complete.
But a lack of funds continues to sidetrack the diving lady's return to a motel nearly two years after the sign crashed into a heap of twisted metal during a hailstorm.
Some $25,000 still is needed to reinstall the sign.
Installing the sign will require a large crane and skilled workmen to hoist each of the three animated images into place.
The diving lady once stood as a reminder of a bygone era when neon signs advertised to tourists at motels and restaurants.
Neon artist Larry Graham took on the restoration project as a tribute to his late mentor who built the sign in 1960 to advertise a swimming pool.

andy warhol would have liked this store