Wednesday, November 23, 2005

F&P - How long does it take ?

Just two of the reports filed

F&P report C753431
Date :17.4.01
Customer care Ref:24589
Date of sale :19.12.99
Serial No :NLR260175
To call to refrigerator ,check and advised F/P on burnt FC liner -new refrigerator
Confirmation of receipt of form16.5.01

F&P report 751812
Date :8.8.01
Customer care Ref:25412
Date of sale :10.99
Serial No :NHC719837
Evaporator moved out burnt
To call to refrigerator ,check and advised F/P on fault - refrigerator changed over
Confirmation of receipt of form 14.8.01

There is nothing on these forms to say I cannot reprint the information

Now! The question is ? how many units were made between 19.12.99 and 14.8.01
The last one I saw was on 28.2.02 and still had no response - I mean in a creative
way .So 14 months production in how many factories ?.
All I would like to see is 100 or 200 units checked at random for faults .
If I am over reacting then great there is no danger and that would allow for the Inspectors report to be lifted and I may again legally repair an F&P refrigerator.(Yeah Right!)
I could again be shown they comply to A/NZ standards . Under present law if I attempt to repair one of these refrigerator , I may be prosecuted for knowingly certifying an appliance as safe
knowing it had a fault . What I am required to do is -remove the appliance from
service - such as cut off the plugs to prevent a hazard .A few other ways have come to
mind .

Quick Poll - Do you think I’m going to get into big shit for this y / n or who g.a.f .

F&P Active smart refrigerators

More regarding the active smart refrigerators .
Just found this pic and though I Had to share it
I know this has stuff all to do with neon or art -but to me it does .Its because of this shit I've found glass work and thats great .
Don't Know which one this is- just happen to have a camera with me this day - I still think -the smoke going through the food (for I don't know how long) would pose more of a danger than the fire.
I sent this picture and others to F&P and they said they were too blurry to base anything on -What do you think ?Anyway this refrigerator is only one of many that was sent back to them for assessment -maybe when it arrived it was too blurry as well.
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