Wednesday, November 23, 2005

F&P - How long does it take ?

Just two of the reports filed

F&P report C753431
Date :17.4.01
Customer care Ref:24589
Date of sale :19.12.99
Serial No :NLR260175
To call to refrigerator ,check and advised F/P on burnt FC liner -new refrigerator
Confirmation of receipt of form16.5.01

F&P report 751812
Date :8.8.01
Customer care Ref:25412
Date of sale :10.99
Serial No :NHC719837
Evaporator moved out burnt
To call to refrigerator ,check and advised F/P on fault - refrigerator changed over
Confirmation of receipt of form 14.8.01

There is nothing on these forms to say I cannot reprint the information

Now! The question is ? how many units were made between 19.12.99 and 14.8.01
The last one I saw was on 28.2.02 and still had no response - I mean in a creative
way .So 14 months production in how many factories ?.
All I would like to see is 100 or 200 units checked at random for faults .
If I am over reacting then great there is no danger and that would allow for the Inspectors report to be lifted and I may again legally repair an F&P refrigerator.(Yeah Right!)
I could again be shown they comply to A/NZ standards . Under present law if I attempt to repair one of these refrigerator , I may be prosecuted for knowingly certifying an appliance as safe
knowing it had a fault . What I am required to do is -remove the appliance from
service - such as cut off the plugs to prevent a hazard .A few other ways have come to
mind .

Quick Poll - Do you think I’m going to get into big shit for this y / n or who g.a.f .

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty important to "do the right thing". It's disappointing that Fisher & Pykle, a large white-ware manufacturer KNOWINGLY continued to produce a product that they knew to be faulty. DANGEROUSLY faulty. Does someone have to die to force them meet legal safety requirememts? Apparently, YES! There is only one way to protect from other manufacturers.