Friday, January 20, 2012

Good bye LEDs Plasmas back in town

Here is a glimpse of what could be the successor to modern day light bulbs,
the Plasma light bulb which puts out nearly 10 times as much light,
uses half the power of a traditional light bulb and can reach temperatures that are equivalent of the surface of the sun.

Plasma Light Bulb

Egyptian Light bulb

Egyptian Light bulb....

Egyptian Light bulb

Liveable Cities Series: Illuminating the path to sustainable lighting

ome March this year, residents in Singapore will be
treated to a dazzling display of lights that will brighten the Marina
Bay waterfront and send a message that cities need better, more sustainable outdoor lighting.

pretending the neon signs say happy new year to everyone!!!

"Neon Nevada," by Sheila Swan and Peter Laufer

Paul Merton; Neon Artwork; Adele's producer Paul Epworth

With John Wilson.

Paul Merton reviews the new silent film The
Artist, which with six Golden Globe nominations is already the surprise
hit of this year's Hollywood awards season.

Adele's producer Paul
Epworth discusses his part in creating this year's biggest album, 21,
for which he has received four Grammy nominations, and how he and Adele
came up with the hit song Rolling in the Deep.

It's almost a
century since a Parisian barber's shop began the urban romance with neon
when it put up the first commercial neon sign. Although neon has fallen
out of commercial favour, artists are breathing new life into the
medium. John went to the Neon Workshops in Wakefield, Yorkshire, to
learn how to make his own neon artwork.

The neon art is now
installed at the BBC's building in Salford. The graphic designer Peter
Saville, famed for his record sleeves for the likes of New Order, Joy
Division, Roxy Music and Pulp - and a huge neon fan - joins John, along
with the Junior Royal Northern College Brass Quintet and the BBC North
Staff Choir, to switch on the first Front Row artwork.

the neon glow of weho

The Neon Glow of WeHo -
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. — The famed Santa Monica Boulevard is part of the
legendary Route 66, and is the City of West Hollywood's
main thoroughfare.  Originally, Route 66 ended in Los Angeles proper,
but in 1935 the highway was extended all the way to the beaches of Santa

Neon dreams to warm a wintry heart

MOCA’s Mark Handforth exhibit all about the light