Sunday, May 29, 2011

Museum signage

Art Museum Signage | Neon Signages

Many experts in the lighting field believe that the overall outlook for
neon signage seems to be very optimistic. Neon signs have a record of
100 years of successful use in advertising. If there were no neon signs
cities and towns would be darker places and the neon sign industry would
cease to exist, but that is not likely to occur.Let’s start with some general information about neon such as why it’s
used, uses other than advertising, where it’s used here and in other
countries, neon signage around the world, and so much more. Everyone
knows its main use is for advertising and that’s what keeps the neon
sign industry going, but it has many other uses that are beneficial to
the public. Enjoy watching TV? Neon is used in in television tubes. Do
you have a neon wall clock? Neon lighting is use in the home and in many
businesses to enhance and highlight dark areas. It is used in gas
lasers is used to remove eye cataracts and for other medical problems.
Many people have flown, but did you know this? It has been used in
beacons and it has can be seen by pilots have seen it 20 miles away when
it was impossible for them to see other kinds of lights. Neon lights
can be seen through the fog. Many travelers have found it very helpful
when looking for a motel on a foggy night. Neon does all this and more.

Vivid Sydney Illuminates the Harbour City

Vivid Sydney Illuminates the Harbour City | Greatreporter
Thousands lined the edge of Sydney Harbour to watch the first showing of
‘Lighting the Sails’; explored a playground of interactive and
low-energy light art displays by a global field of artists from
countries including Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, The Netherlands,
France, Thailand and Australia; and witnessed FireDance the largest fire
performance ever seen in Australia.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

20+ Neon Porcelain,Tin sign gas, beer, Guaranteed 100%

Viva light at Neon Lab

Viva light at Neon Lab - Isthmus | The Daily Page
Everybody loves neon signs, right? Those colorful symbols of allure that
beckon us to bars and restaurants. Turns out people love neon the way
they love typewriters and film cameras and vinyl LPs. Neon is fading as a
technology — and as a craft. Tom Zickuhr wants to make sure that in
this corner of the world, at least, that doesn't happen.

<b>Neon Lab</b> 3606 Lexington Ave. 608-242-9184 Mon.-Fri. 8 am-5 pm

Flagstaff artist Volkersz' work has a certain glow

In the artistic work titled "Western Landscape," Willem Volkersz
juxtaposes a natural scene with aspen trees and an idyllic mountain
and sky with a street map suggesting a housing development.

Ilford school has a bright future

The vibrant artwork, the Heart of the World of Neon, which was
officially launched on Wednesday, will sit in the 1930’s glasshouse in
the playground of Uphall Primary School, Uphall Road Ilford.
It was built as a collaboration between the pupils and the artist Sally
Labern as part of the Creative Partnerships scheme, and symbolises a
community with different cultures and ideas bound with a big red heart.
The Neon artwork at the school

Artist Sally Labern with headteacher Sherlyn Ramsay & the artwork

Mesa's diving lady sign scheduled for October rededication

King of Neon

Flagstaff Live
Artist Willem
Volkersz, who immigrated to America from Holland as a teenager, has a
love for the West and a fascination for American pop culture. The
contrast of these two things meet with some of the artist’s other
interests to create “Domestic Neon,” a 13-piece solo exhibit that opens
at the Coconino Center for the Arts this week. It’s a show where the
playful and the provocative share the space in one man’s show.

Edgy glass and neon sculpture at tacomas fulcrum gallery

Edgy glass and neon sculpture at Tacoma’s Fulcrum Gallery | Tacoma Arts - The News Tribune
It might have a pretentious name, but don’t let that put you off. Fulcrum Gallery’s
latest show “Pr3v1ews & Pr0toTyp3s” is an inventive combination of
two of Tacoma’s most edgy glass artists – Galen McCarty Turner in
flashing weird-science neon, and Oliver Doriss with elegant in-your-face cast glass – and together the effect goes way beyond the sum of the parts.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big Star" neon sign by artist Ron Pekar

"Big Star" neon sign by artist Ron Pekar - Online Fundraising Auction - BiddingForGood

"We Big Star fans are a funny bunch and what better way to celebrate their wonderful music and our camaraderie but with Neon?
Original Big Star neon sculptor Ron Pekar
proudly presents to you a neon Big Star in appreciation of Chris Bell,
Alex Chilton, Andy Hummel, Jody Stephens and John Fry and their musical

Please enjoy this
sculpture in the loving spirit it was created; because after thinking
about it, my brother and I broke the original Big Star neon playing
kickball in the house when we were kids.

 - Jonathan Pekar"

Monday, May 23, 2011

Illuminate the valley and beyond

Illuminate the valley and beyond | The Desert Sun |
Standing beneath pink, orange and blue lights in his Cathedral City
studio, Rio Score III dips neon tubing into a 2,000-degree flame.

He bends the neon to create one of several letters that will become part of a business sign.

neon is an art form Score learned from his father and grandfather.
Still, he estimates it took seven years to master the craft.

is such a fabulous medium to work with,” said Score, who along with his
wife, Fine, founded Riofine Neon Sign Company Inc. in 1990. “You're
limited only by your imagination: The sky's the limit.”

Being Billy Apple

Being Billy Apple | Spacific Films
Billy Apple the man, the artist, the brand.


An Internet Address for Every Light Bulb

What if every light bulb had its own unique Internet IP address? The
possibilities are endless: You could monitor, manage and control every
light bulb from any Internet-enabled device – turning lights on and off
individually, dimming or creating scenes from your smartphone, tablet,
PC or TV – to save energy as well as electricity costs. Your “smart
lighting” network could have dozens or even hundreds of appliances
connected through a wireless network designed for maximum energy
savings, communicating information about their environment, about power
consumption levels, and alerting you to any problems

An Internet Address for Every Light Bulb

Friday, May 20, 2011

Neon dreams: 1966 documentary on pop artist Billy Apple

Dangerous Minds | Neon dreams: 1966 documentary on pop artist Billy Apple
Apple was one of the first artists to see the sculptural possibilities
of neon and had several major exhibits of his work, including “Apples to
Xerox” and “Neon Rainbows.” His creations combined fluorescent tubing
often with silk screens and sculpted objects like apples.
“Neon is the purest, hippest color in the world; Day-glo phosphorescent paint looks 1929-ish next to it.”

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Hayward Gallery Presents the First Major London Exhibition of Artist Tracey Emin

The Hayward Gallery Presents the First Major London Exhibition of Artist Tracey Emin
British artist Tracey Emin stands in
front of a piece of her reclaimed painted timber and neon artwork '
Sleeping with you' at the Hayward Gallery, in London. The exhibition is
her first major exhibition in London, and features key works from all
periods of the artist's career, including seldom-seen early works and
more recent large-scale installations.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



12 MONTHS OF NEON LOVE is a public art project, self funded by Wakefield
born artists Victoria Lucas and Richard William Wheater. The red neon
lyrics that alternate monthly have quickly gained worldwide recognition
and support, and are now in danger of being cut short a third of the way
into the time frame. This is due to a decision to refuse the artist’s
retrospective application.

Winchester cowboy spruced up

Winchester cowboy spruced up |
Now that his neon-lit boots, hat and rifle are in tiptop shape, the
iconic cowboy is ready to welcome moviegoers to the Winchester Drive-In
Theatre throughout another busy summer season. The 35-foot-tall sign, in place since the drive-in opened in 1968,
received its annual maintenance on Thursday. Tyler Signs repaired the
cowboy’s neon, bulbs, ballasts and transformers. Owner Lindy Shanbour said the sign is an icon and visitors love taking
photos of it. “I’m going to maintain it the way it’s supposed to be
maintained. It’s been there a long time,” he said
photo - David Torres, sign technician with Tyler Signs, works on the Winchester Drive-In Theatre sign.

'24 Hours of Neon' Shows Las Vegas Time-Lapse (VIDEO)

24 Hours of Neon

Tracey Emin: Excess all areas

Tucson weighs future of its iconic neon signs

When history buff Carlos Lozano rolled into town 25 years ago, he was
struck immediately by the neon signs along Miracle Mile and Oracle Road.

“They're just so magical,” he said, noting they expressed a
cheerfulness and exuberance about life that in some ways modern culture
has lost. “I knew when I saw them that there was something special about

Decades later, about 75 percent are gone. No longer does a
Godzilla-sized Marilyn Monroe entice travelers to a motel. The Ye Olde
Lantern sign no longer lures Tucson foodies to one of the area's
fanciest restaurants in its day. Some have been destroyed. Others have
been snapped up by collectors or hawked on eBay.