Thursday, May 24, 2012

Old Signs of the Times

Art In A Neon Cage: Welcome To The Havana Biennial

For her installation titled Condemned, Lorena Gutierrez used sheets of holographic vinyl and a custom-built cage with neon-light bars.

"World's Oldest Neon" Found at Clifton's

The landmark restaurant makes a surprise find during renovations.

Now a neon light has been discovered at Clifton's Cafeteria, which is
undergoing massive renovations. Make that a still glowing neon light.
The downtown landmark puts its age at over 70 years and thus has dubbed
it "the World's Oldest Neon Light" (that would be neon light that has
been constantly lit, that is)

An interview with neon artist Chris Bracey about his journey from Soho sex clubs to celebrity favourite

Sign of the (Old) Times: Bill Christman preserves St. Louis history in dazzling new show

I can't afford to work with neon. I'm jealous of people who can.

Devotion Study #1 — The American Dancer Nicole Mannarino and Sarah Michelson's portrait at the Whitney.

5 places where neon is the highlight

The Highlights and Many Neon Lights of the Armory Show 2012

An example of Naples neon artist Brent Gillette's work.

Meet CERN’s New Artist in Residence, Julius von Bismarck

Public Face 2

Neon, Who's Afraid of Red Yellow & Blue?

DLECTRICITY, LUMINALE Detroit Light Festival Bring Light Art To Town This Fall


Vivid Sydney Festival 2012 line-up announced

Makoto Tojiki's 3D Light Sculptures Take A Softer Turn


Visiting i Light fest? Park at Marina Bay Link Mall