Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tracey Emin’s Neon Confessions – Creative Inspiration

Tracey Emin’s Neon Confessions – Creative Inspiration | Write In Color

neon sign art and creative inspiration

What happens when you combine your most intimate thoughts with neon?

Tracey Emin, a provocative British artist, uses neon to shed
light (quite literally)

on what it feels like to love and live
passionately. Using neon to mimic her own

handwriting, Emin infuses her
thoughts of love and lust and hope and desire

with color. What we at
Write In Color love about her art is that she is bold

enough to put her
must vulnerable musings out there for all of us to read.

There’s no
symbolism. Her art just is what it is.

And what it is, is glorious.

Some of my favorite lines from her neon art pieces include, “I listen
to the ocean and all I hear is you,”

“You should have loved ME,” and
“With you I want to live.”

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Tracey Emin’s Neon Confessions – Creative Inspiration | Write In Color

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The world’s largest museum of neon signage formally opens Saturday in Las Vegas.

Vintage Vegas neon signs light up Sin City museum - Itineraries on

The brightly-colored, flashing lights of neon signs and the city of
Las Vegas go together

like gin and tonic water, so it’s no surprise that
Sin City is the site of

the Neon Museum, which its founders say is the world’s largest museum of neon signage.

Saturday, when the museum opens its doors, visitors will be able to
view a collection

of more than 150 neon signs - some vintage dating back
to the 1930s, others more recent.

all the signs are an important part of the social, architectural,
design and pop-culture

history of Las Vegas, said Danielle Kelly, the
museum’s executive director.

knows the Stardust, which is highly recognized by so many people all
over the

world,” Kelly said. The museum has three different versions of
signs from the iconic

Stardust Hotel-Casino, which was demolished in
2007 after an almost half-century run.

During its heyday, the resort was
considered the ultimate in luxury and style.

Other signs are from lesser-celebrated properties, like the one from the

Algiers Hotel - once “the place
for a power breakfast,” for locals, Kelly said.

Other signs are from
the Moulin Rouge, the Desert Inn, the Flamingo and

other bygone hotels,
restaurants, casinos and businesses.

The museum features a two-acre outdoor space known as the Neon Boneyard,

and a
visitor center housed inside the former La Concha Motel lobby, a

modern shell-shaped building from the early 1960s.

initial effort to collect the signs began in the 1980s when a local
arts group recognized

their historic and artistic value, as many signs
were being destroyed when buildings

were torn down, Kelly said. In 1996,
the formal collection began with a handful of rescued signs.

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Vintage Vegas neon signs light up Sin City museum - Itineraries on

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Museum exhibit showcases neon sign photo collection

Museum exhibit showcases neon sign photo collection | Denton Local News - News for Denton, Texas - The Denton Record-Chronicle - Denton Record-Chronicle

The Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum’s
newest exhibit shows off one man’s

effort to preserve the memory of neon for
future generations.

Through Dec 31, the neon sign photo
collection of Denton’s own Mike Cochran

will be on display in the museum for
what Cochran hopes will generate some

fond memories and appreciation for the

Flavorwire » Cheeky Neon Sign Art by Patrick Martinez
If you’re like us, you barely even notice those neon signs anymore, no
matter how brightly they flash.
After all, we already know what they
say: “Girls Girls Girls” or “Open” or “Drink Budweiser.”
But LA-based
artist Patrick Martinez, whose work we recently spotted over at Booooooom,

has something completely different to say. Martinez uses the medium to
comment on the
world around him, whether turning his cheeky, incendiary
statements into lime green beacons
or incorporating paint for a subtler
message. Click through to see a few of our favorites from
portfolio, and then be sure to head on over to his website to check out the rest.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Frederick Artist Featured in Neon Art Show in Philadelphia

Frederick Artist Featured in Neon Art Show in Philadelphia | Affordable Signs & Neon
The neon art of Haley Ryane Meushaw, internationally recognized neon
business owner and neon instructor of Savage Neon, Inc. since
was featured in a show of 12 neon artists from around the country.

The show was held at the Center for Architecture and organized by neon

preservationist Len Davidson of Davidson Neon in Philadelphia.
works with her husband, Charlie Meushaw, and his partner Victor Klass,

owners of Affordable Signs and Neon in Frederick, MD,
where she
continues to practice the craft of  fabricating neon signs and art.
more about the neon show here.

Neon Art Show

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Ian Paisley inspired a glowing neon dove

A huge neon dove of peace has been created by a local artist in response to the controversial new play about Rev Ian Paisley.

Release, a three-metre square bird by Deepa Mann-Kler, will be suspended
at the Grand Opera House from the play's opening on October 30.

Paisley & Me is produced by Martin Lynch and written by Belfast-born Ron Hutchinson.

Deepa, from Killyleagh, was appointed artist-in-residence last year with
theatre company Green Shoots. This is her fourth piece of work in that

She said: “After reading the script, I was challenged as an artist about
how I should respond to Paisley. To his 30 years of controversial
politics — or to the unprecedented step he took towards peace? I have
chosen to focus on what I feel will be his legacy, hence the use of the
dove,” she added.

Deepa worked with Adrian McNevison of AM Light in Belfast which has been using neon since 1958.

Review: Mary Weatherford creates mood poems in neon at LAXART

Mary Weatherford
Mary Weatherford, "Bakersfield Paintings," installation view,

(Michael Underwood / from Mary Weatherford and LAXART)

Nostalgia for neon signs | Nostalgia for neon signs
DUBAI: Painful Memory brings together seven recent neon works by
Iranian artist Saeed Farahani for his first exhibition in

Farahani’s fascination with the use of neon as an
artistic medium arises from a
nostalgia for neon signs in Tehran, which
saw its popularity boom across the city’s
landscape during the sixties
and seventies.

These neons heralded modernity and were a symbol of the technological advancements
that had begun in the country at the time.

also represented a fusion of art and industry, serving mainly the
tourism and trade industries. They adorned cinemas, shops,
hotels, clubs, etc.,
creating a man-made light show across the city’s

Presented at Gallery 2 at Etemad Dubai, this grouping
together of text and imagery
creates a contemplative environment to
reflect on the simple but poignant messages.

Neons have been made popular by a host of contemporary artists.

all these neons use the colour of the Iranian flag (green, white and
to evoke the ways in which change is manifested in the memory of
the artist,
one that will undoubtedly be shared by a young generation of

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

USA Travel: American Sign Museum in Cincinnati is nirvana for lovers of neon

USA Travel: American Sign Museum in Cincinnati is nirvana for lovers of neon -

CINCINNATI — “Advertising,” mystic Thomas Merton wrote, “treats all
products with the

reverence and the seriousness due to sacraments.”

Well, then, I’ve been to advertising’s Vatican and worshipped at the altar like a zealot.

The American Sign Museum in
Cincinnati traces Yankee commercialism from the country’s first

brands and gilt-edged placards through the garish glare of
neon-backed jetsonian plastics.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ghostbusters And Marvel Comics Go Neon

Ghostbusters Neon Sign

With Halloween right around the corner, Diamond Select is releasing some
new neon signs to help light up the night.

The neon signs feature
either Ghostbusters or classic Marvel Comics characters.

Restoring neon signs from city’s past a labour of love for Edmonton shops

Restoring neon signs from city’s past a labour of love for Edmonton shops | Metro

Daryl Blanchett and the crew from Blanchett Neon spent over 100 hours
restoring the Canadian Furniture Co. neon sign.
The red, yellow and
black sign will flicker brightly along with a dozen other nostalgic
signs from Edmonton's past at the new outdoor sign museum.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Winged Butters

What is it about neon on a gallery wall that gets us so switched on?

If I was an artist, I think I'd work exclusively
in neon. In fact it's because I'm not an artist that I'd work in neon,
since I can't think of any more forgiving media for a wannabe
conceptualist to employ. Video will conceal a multitude of sins, it's
true, absorbing any amount of banality and indecision into its grainy
surfaces. But for transcendence that comes with an on-off switch, I'm
pretty sure that you can't beat neon.

Locals Only, Masthead Print Studio

Art: “Locals Only” at Masthead Print Studios | PW Style | A blog about style, fashion, beauty, arts and culture by Philadelphia Weekly
LocalsOnly_Dan_ Gneiding

For its new group exhibition, Locals Only, Masthead Print Studio in NoLibs has partnered with DesignPhiladelphia
to celebrate this city’s vibrant drinking culture and that nostalgic
feeling of knocking back an ice-cold beer under a warm, welcoming glow
of a neon sign.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Neon : Green Again ?
Signs of the Times’ reports that Neon and Cold cathode lighting have
recently given the GREEN tick of approval by the UL ENERGY VERIFIED
PROGRAM. Due to efficient energy consumption, increased light output and
also the extreme longevity of neon it has been recognised as a viable
GREEN light source