Sunday, October 07, 2012

What is it about neon on a gallery wall that gets us so switched on?

If I was an artist, I think I'd work exclusively
in neon. In fact it's because I'm not an artist that I'd work in neon,
since I can't think of any more forgiving media for a wannabe
conceptualist to employ. Video will conceal a multitude of sins, it's
true, absorbing any amount of banality and indecision into its grainy
surfaces. But for transcendence that comes with an on-off switch, I'm
pretty sure that you can't beat neon.

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Todd Sanders said...

I am a neon artist in Austin Texas. I will be blogging about your great site. I'm impressed with your passion for what I love so much, vintage neon signs. Please take a moment to visit my website
I would be honored to be featured in your blog someday.