Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Ian Paisley inspired a glowing neon dove

A huge neon dove of peace has been created by a local artist in response to the controversial new play about Rev Ian Paisley.

Release, a three-metre square bird by Deepa Mann-Kler, will be suspended
at the Grand Opera House from the play's opening on October 30.

Paisley & Me is produced by Martin Lynch and written by Belfast-born Ron Hutchinson.

Deepa, from Killyleagh, was appointed artist-in-residence last year with
theatre company Green Shoots. This is her fourth piece of work in that

She said: “After reading the script, I was challenged as an artist about
how I should respond to Paisley. To his 30 years of controversial
politics — or to the unprecedented step he took towards peace? I have
chosen to focus on what I feel will be his legacy, hence the use of the
dove,” she added.

Deepa worked with Adrian McNevison of AM Light in Belfast which has been using neon since 1958.

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