Saturday, December 15, 2012

neon as art

neon art Archives - Angel Orensanz Foundation

Neon lights have lit signs for countless of years now, but looking at
them you

wouldn’t expect them to be considered art. They are just
lights that shout “open” into

a dark street or something similar. To
most that really isn’t anything special.

Olivia Steele would beg to differ.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee the conceptual neon artist has made a
career out of

taking the bright lights and using them to spell out
idioms and statements from her

childhood. As she says, she grew up in a
home where her “Father had a statement

or idiom for everything. There
was an answer for everything with a quote” and it was

through these
statements that Steele “found a solution and an answer to the ins and
outs of life.”

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