Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why Neon Is Suddenly Everywhere in Pop Culture

Neon. Suddenly it’s everywhere in pop culture, in movies, TV, and music. This is most obvious in movie trailers, where neon has become almost standard.

 So why all the neon now? The most obvious influence, as we noted in reference to those Girls titles, is designer Tom Kan’s assaultive, unforgettable opening title sequence for Enter the Void (2009). Many though not all of these title sequences—including in Girls, the “All of the Lights” video, and the trailer for Only God Forgives—are paying clear homage to Enter the Void, making their neon signs blink and strobe, often in different languages and typefaces, just like in that film. Spring Breakers has another, more direct connection to Enter the Void: To achieve its distinctive look, director Harmony Korine hired Enter the Void’s cinematographer, Benoît Debie.


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