Friday, July 19, 2013

James Turrell's Light Art Installation Opens in Las Vegas

 James Turrell might be an alien -- or at least knows something about the universe that the rest of us don't. He likes to say, "It's possible to gather light that's older than our solar system." And so, Turrell is finally having his well-deserved moment after 50 years of practicing his light-based art. Pick a city in the USA, and chances are there is a Turrell on display -- and in the past month, institutions in New York, Los Angeles and Houston, have opened up major surveys or retrospectives for the public to experience the totality of Turrell. The Guggenheim has unveiled its Aten Reign, the largest site-specific installation the museum has ever seen; LACMA has 11 original light works that nearly didn't get completed on time, and Houston is exhibiting 12 works from their permanent collection, seven of which have never been seen before.

james turrell

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