Saturday, October 05, 2013

"ALL LIT UP!" - New Art by Gigi Horr Liverant & Mundy Hepburn

Mundy Hepburn, Dancing Amoeba, noble gases in handmade blown glass, 48h x 18w x 10d

  OLD LYME, CONNECTICUT - "Fiery!", "Electric!", "Hypnotic!" are only some of the anticipated exclamations at this upcoming Cooley Gallery exhibition. Two Connecticut natives will be featured in All Lit Up!, pastel artist Gigi Horr Liverant and neon artist Mundy Hepburn.

"This colorful and energetic exhibition is a perfect parallel to the season when the ordinary in nature transforms into the sublime. The electric colors in All Lit Up! are a siren call to a visual feast, enjoy and indulge before the season goes away!” says gallery owner Jeff Cooley.

Alongside, above and below Gigi's paintings are Mundy's neon sculptures: fantastic creations of lampworked glass so seductive you almost pity their poor "OPEN" sign neon cousins. They vibrate and prance as if echoing the playful and curious mind of their creator.  Mundy's been described as a pioneer of neon art successfully combining elements to create movement and colors previously unappreciated.

"Everyone wants to be near Mundy's creations. People seem confounded by Mundy's work, startled by his open invitation to imagine and play through his fantastic visions in neon," observes the gallerist.

Mundy is an unabashedly self-taught artist who has had numerous gallery and museum exhibitions and lives and creates in Old Saybrook.

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