Thursday, August 28, 2014

Inside 'Gods Own Junkyard,' One Of The Largest Neon Collections In The World

Whether you associate the intoxicating visual phenomena that is neon with the world of fine art or the world of strip clubs, there's no denying there is something strangely addictive about those electric colored lights. London-based neon artist Chris Bracey certainly agrees, given that he's spent the past 40 years making and collecting all things neon.
Whether they depict an artsy conceptual paradox, a commercial design or the classic "Girls, Girls, Girls," Bracey's neon signs cater to that primal urge within all of us to reach out and touch something shiny. His neon haven, which he's christened "Gods Own Junkyard," combines the works' heavenly glow with the seedy underbelly of their Las Vegas origins. His crop features neons made by his father in the '50s jammed up against neons plucked from Blockbuster movie sets or an art gallery. "It’s in my blood," he told Schon Magazine. "It’s like visual cocaine."
We spoke to the neon obsessive about his unusual addiction and passion for flashing lights.


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